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  Updated: 27 April 2012


55ft Gaff Schooner
A six month job to replace the old reclaimed teak decks with a traditionally laid iroko deck that turned into an eighteen month project involving new deck beams, cabin top & Deck House, Forward Mast Step and major work on the hull planking. To read more about laying traditional decks on a plywood substrate Click here

Taking advantage of access while the deck was off, new plastic water tanks and stainless steel fuel tanks were fitted along with grey and black water storage systems. A new keel cooling system for the engine was also installed.


A steel shoe  was fitted around the forefoot and along the full length of the keel.


Antares was also furnished with a new bowsprit and was completely re-rigged with both standing and running rigging.

Having been re-launched successfully, she has been cruising Scandinavia and the Baltic and has since circumnavigated Britain.


Antares was sold in the summer of 2011 to a French owner and Roving Commissions Ltd undertook the delivery voyage from Ipswich, UK to Sanary Sur Mare, S France.


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IMG_0053.jpg (2850195 bytes) IMG_0025.jpg (2714025 bytes) IMG_0019.jpg (2284749 bytes) IMG_0017.jpg (2130773 bytes) Aft deck almost laid Dump 047.jpg (2894195 bytes)
Dump 052.jpg (2172430 bytes) Dump 048.jpg (2926140 bytes) Antares_0019.jpg (844331 bytes) Antares_0002.jpg (551584 bytes) Antares_0001_r1.jpg (2056662 bytes)
Dump 044.jpg (2221746 bytes) IMG_0005-4.jpg (2340154 bytes) An interesting "dundee cake" mix of cement layer, sand layer, cement layer Dump 043.jpg (1752794 bytes) IMG_0001.jpg (3095423 bytes) Planking decayed from the inside due to undetected leaking decks
Screw driver buried in the decayed mast step Forward mast step. Disintergrated to dust due to rot followed by wharf borers Buckets of mast step Antares_0007.jpg (847155 bytes) Antares_0014.jpg (978388 bytes) Antares_0006.jpg (356045 bytes)