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Updated: 22 November 2011

28ft Oyster Skiff
This 28ft Halcyon was built around 1904 as a gaff cutter by Paynters of St Ives, she is now gaff ketch rigged, and has a history which relates her to two other Halcyons, the 90ft yacht currently operated by Halcyon Yacht Charter and the 30ft half decked gaff cutter Halcyon of 1912 which is also with us for restoration.

Having been in storage for some time, Halcyon is undergoing restoration at our Southdown yard.

She has been fitted with a new stem and forefoot, a number of steamed oak timbers are being replaced and most of the larch hull planking below the waterline is being renewed including both garboards along with several topside strakes. The counter tip and horn timbers will also be replaced.

Originally Halcyon was built with a cast bronze centre plate, which was removed in the 1930s, and is now apparently in use as ground tackle off St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly, to make room for the installation of an engine. We have opened up the slot in the keel, which was filled with lime morter, and will install a new case to accept a steel plate.

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Oyster skiff - Halcyon waiting to be collected On the trailer at Southdown Marina Halcyon - Fitting new stem and forefoot Halcyon - Fitting new replacement steamed timbers
IMG_0007.JPG (2190521 bytes) IMG_0002.JPG (2913456 bytes) New garboard planks Fitting the case logs IMG_0005.JPG (2730820 bytes)
IMG_0087_sm.jpg (310775 bytes) New counter piece and horn timber fitted